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    Friday, March 13

    Design Funny... Yes, You

    Oh boy! It's time to stop taking graphic design so seriously.

    All-natural, free-range and gluten-free, Design Funny: A Graphic Designer's Guide to Humor is an entertaining yet practical guide to the lighter side of the design profession. Inside you'll find inspiration, advice and visual gags from comedy juggernauts The Onion, Comedy Central, Funny Or Die, MAD magazine, JibJab, Cheezburger, as well as dozens of top creative agencies, talented freelance designers and professional comedians.

    “This book is perfect for design nerds. This book is also perfect for comedy nerds.”
    Emily Flake, Cartoonist, The New Yorker

    This book a great! I loved it! It's pack–full of explanations and great visual examples.

    Discover how you can use 42 principles of comedy to transform your visual communication from ho-hum to ha-ha. Find out what your client or boss needs to hear in order to buy into your funny ideas. Learn astonishing facts about design and humor theory from science, psychology and history. Did you know the first dirty cartoon appeared over 10,000 years ago?


    *May contain trace amounts of bullshit.

    Design Funny: A Graphic Designer's Guide to Humor
    Retail price: $27.99, 224 pages, 8" x 8", paperback
    By Heather Bradley ( and

    For sale on,, and in bookstores nationwide.

    Heather Bradley is a designer, illustrator, writer and educator. She is the former Creative Director of The Cheezburger Network. Her work has appeared on Funny Or Die, Comedy Central Mobile and Memebase, as well as publications commissioned by Penguin and Primedia. She is currently at Razorfish in Seattle.

    Click below to spy the sheet.

    Monday, November 3

    Looking For Quirky Tees?

    Put some cartoons on t-shirts. Fun gift idear. Take a gander at the first... ducky head angel thing at

    Friday, August 3

    Turn A Stupid Idea Into A Successful Humor Book [video]

    This is great. Humor writer and author Tim Bete presents: How I converted 7,000 hours of work into $10 hard cash and then turned a single stupid idea into $37,000. He discuses publishing, editors, ideas... helpful stuff for any writer. He presented at the 2012 Erma Bombeck Writers' Workshop. Runs 58 minutes. Warning: Enjoy!

    Wednesday, July 18

    Rules Of Football*

    1. Ball gnawing encouraged.
    2. If football rolls into a hole, anything goes; i.e., head bonkings.
    3. Should a player stand upon football, no other player may touch it EVER. (Until football standing terminates.)
    4. Transport football via mouth ONLY.
    5. Picking up the player transporting football via mouth is permitted.
    6. Batting football back and forth between forelimbs is encouraged (extra points for blurring).
    7. Each player acts as their own team; i.e. three players equals three teams.
    8. Any player wearing leash shall clothesline all players, including self.
    9. Players signal a Personal Time Out by either lying down or laying down (both are permitted) and end by getting up.
    10. Number of Time Outs limited to infinite.
    11. Overly excited/bored players may draft sticks into play, like in pinball where you get extra balls but don't know why.
    12. No back biting (includes tail).
    13. Game ends when players notice a squirrel, butterfly, or other.

    * Dog Football

    Wednesday, March 28

    Help A Teenage Michael Jackson Impersonator (Keith Knight)

    Update: He did it! Keith Knight got funded for his Michael Jackson project, with the help of good people like you. In fact, on April 6, 2012 he exceeded his $40K goal.

    I've long appreciated Keith Knight. He's the man behind one of my favorite cartoons, Life's Little Victories. Keef is giving away three old illustration sketchbooks, he will draw you into an upcoming published cartoon, he will come to your town and present his famous slideshow (I have seen it, it is great) and cartooning workshop, he will lip sync a Michael Jackson song in your living room — all because he was a teenage Michael Jackson impersonator, and he wants, no, NEEDS to share this story with the world. Pledge to support him in this 2-year endeavor the whole world needs right now, laughter, and in return he'll give supportors cool stuff like the above and more. For as little as $5! Check out the details of his project over at Kickstarter and the related news story at USA Today.

    Hurry! This chance ends at 3 pm on April 6, 2012.

    More Keith: The K Chronicles, Knight Life, Cartoonist Survey #251

    Friday, February 10

    How To Attract A Puppy

    What You Need For This Project
    1 Broom
    1 Dustpan
    1 Floor

    1. Using the broom, sweep dirt and debris into a pile in the middlest part of the room. The tidier and more perfecter the better. Do your tidy dust collection and tidy floor make your heart sing? Perfect. 
    2. Wait 30 seconds (in high altitude, allow up to three minutes). From out of nowhere, mammalian fauna comes sniffing at the dust pile; ooh, now they are sitting in it, licking it, rolling in it, spreading it asunder, really whoopin’ it up.
    3. Make a grab! With a forward motion of your arm like you’re scooping a puppy into a dustpan, scoop the puppy into the dustpan.
    4. Enjoy!
    Also works on kittens.

    Wednesday, February 1

    Tongue Chair

    Tongue Chair

    Tuesday, January 31


    Astronaut Astropup Doppler, Astropup and Chief Eating Officer

    Tuesday, January 3

    Top 10 Kindness Stories Of The Year

    Look for kindness, for love, for hope and joy and you will find them. Here are five stories to keep you in the mood, from

    You can read all ten stories of 2011 kindnesses at Top 10 Kindness Stories of 2011.

    Do you have a kind act you've performed, experienced, or even heard of? Please share it. Tell about it here.

    Here's to twelve months of kindness in 2012!

    Monday, December 5

    One Christmas Day My Cat Knocked The Tree Down Three Times [video]

    But that's nothing compared to what Simon's cat accomplishes...

    I love everything about Simon Tofield's Simon's Cat cartoon animations: the writing, the sound effects, and especially that they're drawn in simple black-and-white outline. You can really see how a simple, well drawn line, moving through time, can express mass and volume. So well done. Watch more adorable feline atrocities committed by Simon's cat at and on YouTube at

    Wednesday, November 30

    The Tantrum [video]

    "I can't let (my parents) know I have super powers. They'd only worry."

    This is the first cartoon my pal John Fountain did. It's called The Tantrum and it aired on Nickelodeon at like 3 am on a Sunday at the dawn of the 21st Century. It is autobiographical. This is the first time I've seen it because SOME people don't tell some other people stuff. As far as I know it is the only instance of Putting Out Fire By Giving It The Raspberry. A pity. (If the military jumps on it they'd call it POFBGITR. That's pronounced "PUFF-bah-giter" and help generals say "puff" more.)

    Without further a-doo-doo here's The Tantrum:

    Also, Fountain's better half has a good blog called To Kid or Not To Kid. Will she or won't she kid herself? Go there and peek.

    Wednesday, September 21

    Comedian Stephen Fry's Idea Of Greatness [video]

    Truly great people help others to feel great too.

    Monday, August 8

    Socks And Bourbon

    When I was 12 years old my horse had a stroke and had to be put down. It was a warm, green, summer morning. I looked out the kitchen window at his body, lifeless and lying in the corral. Over in the barn there was movement and I saw Socks, the white-footed tabby and matriarch of the barn cats, walk out of the barn and towards the body, followed by a single-file line of the other dozen-or-so kittens and cats. From inside the house I thought, “Oh no, they’re going to eat him.” When the slow parade reached the body, the cats sat down about two feet away, in a long, evenly spaced arc, smelling and looking. After some time had passed, Socks stood up, turned around and walked back to the barn, followed in orderly procession by the others.

    Even 30 years later I am touched by this memory.

    This horse (Bourbon Jim was his name) had been a huge high-strung Thoroughbred, but he was gentle and considerate with the cats. Once when I came home from school I found three kittens on his back. I couldn’t figure how they got up there. This kept happening until one day I saw: The little kitties, with their little needle claws, were climbing up his front legs and up over his sides to sit atop his back. Bourbon didn’t even flinch.

    These are mine, but you can read Marc Mekoff’s stories at Emotional Lives of Animals over there at Daily Good.

    Sunday, May 1

    Fly Hot Plate

    Fly: Ah, to awaken upon a bed of wild rice.

    Tuesday, April 5

    Yoga For Yanks [video]

    Friday, April 1

    Weigh The Pros And Cons First

    Two dogs at the vet's office: It was a mistake getting on the scale. I weighed 7 times more.

    Tuesday, March 1

    How To Increase The Bond With Your Cat

    Cats would love us more if we were made of cat food.

    Monday, February 28

    Cartoonist Liza Donnelly Gives A TED [video]

    You can catch Liza's thoughts about preparing for the talk at

    Friday, February 11

    Sweet Valentine Inkin' Cartoon [video]

    Mike Cope inking his Valentine cartoon, which appears in this month's issue of Reader's Digest Canada, to a great score by Glenn Miller and his Orchestra. (Now that's music!) Happy heart day to you. More Mike at

    Tuesday, February 1

    Time For Your...

    Dog at vet's: Treatment? I thought she said treat.

    Thursday, January 6

    The Best Advice You'll Read Today

    "If you could give one piece of advice to someone who wants to pursue drawing as a career what would it be?"

    David of David Wasting Paper (he doesn't) posed that question to over 200 well-known-and-famous-even cartoonists, then narrowed the very best answers down to 15 cartoonists. It's useful advice for anyone interested in creativity, gainful employment, or following their dream. That's you, and you're going to want to read this even if you're not interested in being a professional cartoonist yourself. Click here to read The Best Pieces Of Advice To Someone Who Wants To Pursue Drawing As A Career.

    David's blog is at David Wasting Paper.

    Also, don't think you can draw? Ha! You're oh-so-mistaken. Read this.

    Saturday, January 1

    Happy 2011

    Happy New Ears!

    This is my January cartoon, published in the Pet Gazette. Best to you and yours in 2011. May it be your best year yet, and may you follow me on Twitter.

    Monday, December 20

    What's So Funny?: Cartoon Humor Opinions

    Having cartoonist pals give you the straight dope is an invaluable way to increase your humor-to-drawing ratio. For me, it allows me to fix stuff before anyone important sees it, like you. My ladybug Santa cartoon was interesting. I drew two versions — one with a ladybug-Santa face and armsies the other where he's a dot and a hat — and sent them out for feedback. Most of the crew picked the bigger one so that's the one that ran. But I liked Dot Hat Santa best. (Maybe I should have just made his hat life-size?) Here they are for comparison. I'm curious, which do you think is funnier? And why? Please let me know by using the comments link below. Thanks, Sugarplum.

    Ladybug Santa asks that you not sit on his lap.

    -- versus --

    Ladybug Santa asks that you not sit on his lap.

    Wednesday, December 15

    Two Sets Of Christmas Twins

    Two items very popular this time of year, only from Small & Big:

    Happy holidays.

    Wednesday, December 8

    Department Store Santa

    Ladybug Santa asks that you not sit on his lap.

    Here’s my December cartoon for the Pet Gazette. Happy holidays to you, whatever you celebrate, for Ladybug Santa visits everyone. Eventually. Given the proper clime and foliage.

    Monday, December 6

    There's Less Than 2 Weeks For You To Enter

    An entire year's subscription to Funny Times magazine? This giveaway is worth over 2,500 pennies. 2,500! What am I, crazy? For you. Click here for details. Now back to our regularly scheduled program: Ugly Pile of Mushrooms.

    Ugly Pile of Mushrooms

    Wednesday, December 1

    Foods That Sound Funny But Are Serious

    1. Ham
    2. Hillbilly Bread With Oleo
    3. Potato
    4. Gifiltifish
    5. Hot Nacho
    6. Anything Named With "Surprise"

    Friday, November 26

    Gravy Boat Lighthouse [video]

    This invention is a really big help for a very, very, very, very small percentage of Americans. Perfect for family get-togethers. From Conan O'Brien.

    Wednesday, November 24

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving at the Guppy's

    A special shout-out to awesome cartoonist and illustrator Chris Sabatino for the idear, as they say in Boston. Check out Chris's blog here and a selection of his h-i-larious books below, for the young and the young-at-heart (that's you!).

    Pocketdoodles for Boys Cartoon Stickies: 100 Cartoons to Draw & Leave Behind Bart's King-Sized Book of Fun

    Tuesday, November 23

    Win A Free "Funny Times" Subscription

    Is there any more beautiful word in the English language than "free"? Enter my contest and you could yuck it up 12 times a year with a FREE 1-year subscription (a $25 value) to the cartoon- and humor-filled Funny Times newspaper ( After you've gotten your chuckles galore this newspaper can be used for absorbing puppy piddle and for sending flies on to their next life. Also counts as "brown" in your composter.

    CONTEST RULES: You must have a U.S. mailing address (I cannot send the subscription overseas because I am a cheapskate). You must be able to post stuff to a blog or website. You must have no superhuman powers because that's cheating.

    This contest puts the "test" in "contest", especially since I don't know most of the answers. Ready? Here goes. Please answer each of the following:
    1. What body part is required when measuring one's wrist?
    2. What is Small & Big's preferred eating utensil?
    3. Is "O" a letter, a hug, or a kiss?
    4. Complete this sentence: Stephen Colbert is to hairless Sphynx cat as peanut butter is to ______.
    5. How many fingers am I holding up?
    And now for the optional extra credit portion which doubles your chance of winning:
    1. Write a 6-word essay on turtles.
    Now for the instructions.

    CONTEST INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Post your answers on your site; include a blurb about Small & Big (for or against); include a link to Small & Big's home page at 3) Come back here (to and use the comments to tell me you did that and also to give me the direct link to the answers on your site or blog.

    One winner will be chosen at random from all complete entries. I hope it's you. If you win I'll contact you to get your U.S. mailing address. (BUT, do not give personal contact information in your comment unless you're okay with it being public news. Instead, let me track you down through contact info listed on your site.) Correctly answer the extra credit portion and your chance of winning doubles. Make me laugh and it triples. Contest ends December 15th, 2010. Good luck.

    Rules subject to change by whim, but the contest and prize are for real.

    Wednesday, November 3

    Home For The Holiday

    Thanksgiving at the Guppy's... Ew, oyster stuffing.

    Here’s my November cartoon for the Pet Gazette. Here's another. Happy Thanksgiving. May your zipper remain strong and your buttons intact.

    Monday, November 1

    I Solve All The Non-Voting Problems

    Click here for the solution. You're welcome.

    Thursday, October 21

    Here's Why The Weird Recorded Message

    In case you call me, here's why you hear what you hear. If you solve the mystery without using witchcraft I will give you a nickel.

    (And yes, those who accidentally (or whatever) call me asking for prayers get prayed for.)
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