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    Sunday, May 27

    My Cartoon Collection (#1)

    Okay, so my next assignment in gettin’ funny is to gather together my favorite cartoons and captions. Here’s the first and it’s a doozy by that master of masters, Gary Larson of The Far Side (

    The obese cartoon kid puts everything he has into pushing the door open—underneath a big “PULL” sign. Showing somebody pushing on a door clearly marked Pull is funny in and of itself, but even more funny when the caption points out that this is a genius kid attending the Midvale School for the Gifted.

    More than being amusing, this cartoon teaches a lesson. Why, every time I pull a Push door or push a Pull door I take a moment to reflect that I, too, am a genius and shan’t be bothered by things that require nary a common thought.

    Catch the Gary Larson article at And then there's Wikipedia.

    4 Awesome Comments:

    Maureen said...

    This is one of my favorite Far Side toons too... it just reminds me of all the highly-educated people I work with who don't have a scrap of common sense.... (kinda like Wile E. Coyote ... "Super Geeenius!")

    Present company excepted.

    P.L. Frederick said...

    You don't by any chance work at the Acme Supply Company, do you?

    Brandi said...

    Hey, just thouht you might be inerested in joining a new social network for collectors of all things cool. It's called F'n Cool Stuff you post your pics and vids, participate in forums and a lot more. Come by and let me know what you think in the forum! Thanks Brandi

    Anonymous said...

    Out of all the Farside cartoons, this is one of my favorites and I always, always think of it and recite the words "Midvale school for the gifted..." whenever I have door entering issues. Also don't forget another favorite. "Pants FIRST, then shoes!" - JoeK

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