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    Wednesday, August 8

    Rock, Rock, Rockin' Girl Blogger

    Woo hoo! Maureen over there at Stale Coffee (now I'd Rather Be Blogging) gived me a nifty nice award. Here's the proof. She says I rock. I rock hard like granite, feldspar, and mica. I'm a Rockin' Girl Blogger. (How did she decipher P.L.'s femaleness? I thought that on the Internet nobody can tell you wear a skort.)

    Now comes the moment you've been anticipating: I divulge some of my fave XX-chromosomal bloggers, all alphabetical-like:

    Crystal @ Boobs, Injuries, & Dr. Pepper
    This blog is straight up funny, honest, and kinda nasty. Whee! Check it every day—Crystal is a gifted humorous storyteller. Even the ads are fun. ("Backless Lingerie"?)

    Meg and Girl Crew @ Cute Overload
    Go ahead, try not to be overpowered by animule cuteness and an invented language.

    Sully @ Sully's Design Studio
    Fascinating to see a daily visual diary put out by a professional artist and designer. How do she do it?

    I dutifully bestow the Rockin' Girl Blogger award upon each of you. Do with it as you will. Rock on.

    5 Awesome Comments:

    Palm Springs Savant said...

    Well congratulations. I've always thought you are one Rockin Chick!

    Maureen said...

    You're very welcome PL... very deserving and all that rot.

    But I'm a female and I don't wear a dress (gad, the horror!).

    Rock on.

    imwithsully said...

    Congratulations to you! And thank you so much for nominating me in return. I am honored to be recognized by someone as cool as P.L.! When I first started, I felt that nobody would ever read my jibber jabber... there I go again. :)

    Crystal said...

    Yay! Thank you so much! So, nasty, huh? (sniffs pits) Ewww, you're right.

    P.L. Frederick said...

    "Nasty" as in, "funny, honest, and kinda nasty" blog. Very complimentary. Wait a sec... (Updates Rock, Rock, Rockin' Girl Blogger posting.) There! Much better sentence structure.

    People, go visit Boobs, Injuries, & Dr. Pepper and see what I mean. After reading the hilarity be sure to click the ad for Backless Lingerie. I had no idea.

    P.L. Frederick
    SMALL & big

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