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    Monday, September 15

    What's With 'Actually'?

    The Small and Big Amiglia-matic“Actually, a sheep is technically not a goat.”

    “The sword is in my neck, actually. Could you dial 9-1-1?”

    “Actually, I don’t believe in ghost writers.”

    “I’m a vegetarian actually. I only eat vegetables, legumes, fruits, and fish. What? A Catholic vegetarian? No, never heard of it.”

    “Actually, you’re an idiot.”

    What is there about the word actually and the split second of silence afterwards that is so off-putting? So, I-know-it-all? So, the-conversation-ends-here? Why do people use it to build an instant protective wall up around themselves? The Amiglia-matic wonders, actually.

    10 Awesome Comments:

    Dave said...

    You sound cross so I won’t making a ‘funny’ comment with the word actually in it, in case you actually take that sword out of your neck and plunge it into mine.

    Actually, I AM an idiot!

    P.L. Frederick said...

    Actually, by definition, anyone reading Small & Big is the opposite of idiot. High IQey. I smell genius in the house.

    Today I suffer from hay fever. I suspect it shows.

    Dave said...

    Yes I think your hay fever is knocking your sense of smell out of whack. The smell isn't genius. It's more likely to be sweaty socks.

    And I didn't mean you have sweaty socks.

    See, I told you. I'm and idiot.

    Weith Kick said...

    Actually, actually looks really weird when I start to look at it. Actually, it doesn't even look like a word I've ever seen, actually.

    P.L. Frederick said...

    Dave, I'm positive Einstein created sweaty socks too. They're probably for sale on eBay.

    P.L. Frederick said...

    Actually, you have an actual point there, actually, Weith Kick.

    You know what other word looks weird? 'Stuff'. What's with that second f? Is it pronounced more succinctly? Exhaled out, double-time? An extra f is like an extra elbow.

    Dave said...

    If his elbows were for sale on ebay, I might put in a bid.

    P.L. Frederick said...

    Einstein's elbows. Hee hee! You and I could combine our resources and bid on the pair. One would make a nice addition to the creepy funny bone collection I keep in the Small & Big basement. (In honor of Vincent Price.) Ooh, I may have said too much there.

    Dave said...

    I’m with Scooby, I’m not going into your creepy basement! Please don’t tell me you’ve got Vincent’s elbows (attached to the rest of him) down there.

    Anyway, if we do buy them I think we should re-brand them as nutcrackers and sell them to some gullible celebrities for a few hundred thousand. Or we could just use them as door knockers. Meh!

    Daniel said...

    Actually, this reminds me of an old series of skits on MadTV where the two people put a well emphasized "Literally" in every sentence.

    Annoying to other to the N'th degree.


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